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Men's Cork Shoes

Cork is a remarkable material that is used to effectively improve comfort in casual shoes made by a variety of manufacturers including Birkenstock, Naot, Footprints, Finn Comfort, and many others. One of the fantastic qualities of cork is its ability to conform to the unique shape of the wearers foot. Cork also happens to have just the right amount of give needed for shoes because it is able to absorb impact from walking on hard surfaces, yet also provides good firm support.

Shoes made with cork are also environmentally friendly because cork is a highly sustainable material that, when properly harvested has little to no environmental impact. The comfort of most cork footbeds is further enhanced by a layer of soft suede. The combination of these two natural materials tends to wick moisture away from the foot and is considered hypoallergenic. If you're looking for shoes that are supportive, shock absorbing, and environmentally friendly cork shoes are a fantastic option.

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