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Blondo: The Boot That Understands

Blondo® boots and shoes are designed to withstand the elements while providing exceptional comfort in fashionable styles. All Blondo® boots are fabricated using meticulously selected waterproof leathers. Blondo® utilizes the AquaProtect® process to ensure that each and every shoe is fully waterproofed and protected from the harmful effects of salt. Sealed seams and outsoles complete the AquaProtect® system to ensure that water stays out and feet stay dry.

Other Blondo® exclusive technologies include the Cold Shield Comfort System® and the Comfort-High Cushioning System® which add cold resisting insulation and ultra soft cushioned comfort respectively. Memory foam and other highly breathable materials are used to create a comfortable boot that is both warm and cushioned.

Blondo® works hard to remain at the cutting edge of fashion. Here you will find waterproof boots that offer contemporary style yet have unparalleled protection from the winter elements. Blondo® creates superbly warm boots by offering a variety of lining materials such as genuine wool linings, fleece linings, genuine leather linings and genuine shearling linings. You won't find a better combination of style and performance anywhere.

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